Changing the Face of Concrete, one slab at a time!

CDE has been Changing the Face of Concrete through Decorative Concrete since 2002. The possibilities for concrete are wide open for home owners, businesses, and builders alike. Flat and boring concrete has given way to fantastic color and creative custom designs.  CDE’s Team can transform your ordinary concrete into something Extraordinary. We offer a myriad of options, with top of the line materials, and uncompromising attention to detail for every project we complete. 

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business. Regardless of what your project is, where you are, or what your budget may be we hope you will Call or email us to set up your free, no obligation estimate and allow us to walk you through the process. 

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 Marbled Finishes staining & Epoxy Flooring systems

CDE Stains and Epoxy Floorings bring  creative depth and warmth your home or business. Our Custom Epoxy and Stain lines penetrate the concrete surface to transform your concrete slab into a warm inviting living space. Our Custom Flooring systems allow for endless possibilities.  With proper care and maintenance you can enjoy these one of a kind floors for years to come. 

Decorative concrete overlays

Our Overlay systems are a custom modified concrete blend that allow us to bond with your existing concrete.  Decorative Concrete Overlay systems are extremely hard-wearing and treated against discoloration and fading. We offer a plethora of designs / colors / & texture options.  Our system has the flexibility to be suitable from the more subtle & simplistic to the most elaborate design enthusiast.   


 Countertops & Specialized Custom Forming

CDE Cast concrete line is a special blend of reinforced concrete, handcrafted into works of art, Countertops, sinks, water & fire features are just the beginning. CDE knows that custom formed concrete is as much personable as it is useful. Our specialized forms, colors, and options make this one of the most versatile lines CDE has to offer. We work closely with our customers to bring their vision to life.



Warm designs to Brighten up old boring concrete.


Decorative Concrete Stains and Epoxy Flooring systems bring new life to boring concrete floors.  CDE's concrete staining and epoxy systems nearly limitless flexibility allows us to create an elegant work of art, or give that old world feel to any room. Whether you want a Bold WOW statement or a more Subtle Marble we have the flooring system to Transform your concrete into a space you only dreamed possible! 



Decorative Concrete Overlays give your space a unique signature look.


CDE brings concrete to life with Decorative Concrete Overlays. With a wide variety of patterns / colors / and textures giving you virtually limitless design options to make your dream living space a reality. We can incorporate customized patterns / textures / logos / or focal pieces perfect for any space and budget. Whether you are looking for the ease of cleaning or the added traction of safety for you and your loved ones CDE can transform your concrete into a beautiful handcrafted design that will last for years to come.



Handcrafted with you in mind.


CDE handcrafts, designs, and installs each of our cast concrete pieces to our clients unique space. Our custom formed concrete line is personally designed just for you and is limited only by your imagination. These beautifully custom formed concrete pieces are true works of art, unique in every way. Our goal is to exceed our clients expectations.  We love a good challenge & we hope that you will let us help design a show stopper for you. 


Stearly-Medora Split Basement


Our Spotlight Project this Month; Decorative Concrete Stain

2 Tone Split Abstract Pattern

Residential basement, Louisville, KY


Basement Picts 005.jpg